Along the ikat trail is where you’ll find me…

I am excited to create a space for others to gather. Here is a recent post from the blog Collectivitea, by Priya Iyer. she asked me to share some of my thoughts on creativity and living an artistic life, I was happy to do so.





3 thoughts on “Along the ikat trail is where you’ll find me…

  1. Kelly,
    I can relate ot how creativity shapes who you are. Writing has become a way that I can explore my imagination without limits. Whether it’s writing songs or short stories, I can do anythign and be anyone, and that is an idea we should share with our students!

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    1. Oops, wasn’t done with my full comment. I also like that you use historical context including maps, various influences over the centuries, and numerous examples. Perhaps playing culturally relevant music to your current projects, while eating some food from that culture is something you could add to your students immersion into an art form.

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